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How is the wedding planning going? Does it seem a bit overwhelming? I’m sure it is. In fact, this is third most difficult task a woman will do in her lifetime.

Here is some advice that may sound crazy in some ways, but will save you a lot of time and make your life easier.

1. Write down on paper or in a wedding notebook how many wedding vendors you will be hiring. The percentages next to the vendor is what per cent of weddings use these types of professionals for their weddings.

8% – Wedding Coordinator
85% – Church
15% – Ceremony Facility
100% – Officiant/Priest
100% – Hair/Make-Up
94% – Tuxedo
99% – Dress
69% – Reception Facility with in-house catering
12% – Reception Facility with your own catering
19% – Professional Caterer
89% – Photographer
74% – DJ
18% – Band
8% – No Entertainment
81% – Ceremony Musician
19% – Ceremony Music done by DJ or Band
21% – Videographer
91% – Florists
9% – Using own flowers or none at all
94% – Cake
3% – Alternative dessert
3% – No cake at all

(All numbers were for 2012 weddings according to The Wedding Report)

That’s 14 different vendors.

While that chart gave you an idea of what others have done for their weddings, it is your turn to do some research.

There are four/five major wedding vendors that book the fastest

1. Function Facility and/or caterer
2. Photographer
3. Entertainment
4. Ceremony Musicians

This is the order you should book these vendors. This way, all can give you an accurate price based on where you are having your ceremony and reception. A wedding vendor traveling to an island resort will cost much more than one going to a local facility.

How should you narrow down your choices?

1. Pick one vendor type on your list per week

2. Commit two full days of a week – one to research on the internet (Monday), one for appointments (Friday or Sunday – most of us work Saturdays)

3. Make no more than three appointments for each vendor type – bring your checkbook or credit card, show them that you are serious

4. Go with your gut instinct and hire your vendor within 24 hours of your meeting
(Making a wedding vendor wait is NOT in your best interest. Most brides know at their initial meeting whether or not they click with a vendor and risk losing that vendor to someone else by saying they will “think about it”

5. If it is obvious you will not be hiring someone after your meeting, tell them as much and tell them why.

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