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The average cost of a wedding has dropped from a peak of $28,000+ in 2007 to about $25,656 according to The Wedding Report in a recent survey of couples and wedding vendors nationwide. A Maine Wedding is said to average 23,674 according to The Wedding Report. While this is a once in a lifetime event, you shouldn’t be expected to take a lifetime to pay it off.

Here are a few money saving ideas from the Maine Wedding Planner:

1. Wedding programs – This is almost like taking dollar bills and tossing them in the trash. 99% of people do NOT save these. Print a couple of copies of your wedding program on fancy paper using your home computer..

2. Bathroom baskets – These are rarely used in Maine, but again, money is better spent elsewhere.

3. Out of Town guest bags – While a nice thought and gesture, most people forget to bring them home from the reception

4. Full open bar – Alcohol is expensive on its own, but when it’s free it may cost you a small fortune. It can potentially cause problems from people that over-drink or that drive while impaired. In Maine, the host of the party and the bartender is responsible if an intoxicated driver is out on the road.

5. Pew bows/flowers – no one notices once they sit down, besides, the ceremony location you’ve picked is already beautiful.

6. Chair covers – Placing your money in a fireplace would be less wasteful.

7. Outrageously expensive invitations – Yes, you need to invite people but there are ways to do this and be frugal.

8. Ornate centerpieces – Many people “forget” to bring theirs home.

Save money by not wasting it on items that people will never remember. Instead, spend your time and money on aspects that truly affect how much you and your guests ENJOY the day.

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