Bridal Emergency Kit

If you take nothing else from this website, this may be the most important checklist you have. I encourage you to print this out and have it with you on your wedding day and the items contained in it.

1. General Items

Bottled water
Candy bars, hard candy, gum, mints, or similar treats
Cellular phone w/ all Vendors & Bridal Party Phone Numbers
Credit cards/checks/money
Directions to wedding ceremony/reception
Pen & paper
Sitting Stool For Bride (In case her train is too long for a chair)
Special Reminder Note: Check on Wedding Day that a responsible person will have wedding rings & marriage certificate at wedding ceremony

2. Spare Items

Dusting/talcum powder
Electric razor/aftershave lotion for men in Bridal Party
Hair spray/brush/barrettes/bobby pins
Hand lotion
Handi wipes/hand towel
Kleenex tissues
Makeup bag
Masking tape (for ripped hems)
Nail polish/glue/remover
Safety/Bobbie pins
Sewing kit (needle/thread/buttons/etc.)
Smelling salts
Visine (In case of tears)
 3. Clothing

Bow tie/cufflinks/shirt studs/black socks for men in Bridal Party (extra)
Earring backings (extra)
Flat shoes/slippers
Going away clothes after wedding ceremony/reception
Nylons/pantyhose (extra)
Throwaway garter
 4. Health/Personal Items

Birth control (unless you want to produce babies!!!)
Cold/allergy pills
Feminine hygiene products (tampons/pads/etc.)
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